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Contemporary Geometric and Visionary artist

Hello and welcome to my website.

This is my place to express myself and to share my art and ideas with you.

A little bit about me:

I am geometric and visionary artist from Medellín, Colombia, with a deep interest in the mystical world and immersed in a self exploration and self growth journey.

As a natural curious person, with a deep interest in cultural, intellectual and spiritual topics, I connect with like-minded people on Indigo Society – Consciousness Discussion Forum.

My username is Red Violet 3

I am deeply passionate about art and music and love singing. Art and singing make me feel free and help me express my authenticity.

I love to make colorful and vibrant geometric fine art as well as spiritual visionary artwork.

I use vivid colors to express energy and emotions and to make my art vibrant and uplifting.

I express symmetry, balance and logic inspired by sacred geometry in my geometric artwork.

I express mystic and spiritual insight in my visionary art.

I have a deep interest in intellectual, spiritual and esoteric topics and my search for truth and self empowerment has led me through a path of self discovery and inner healing.

I love to share my insight and inner wisdom freely so you will find some of my art, insight and ideas here as well as on Indigo Society.

Indigo Society - Consciousness Discussion Forum
Indigo Society – Consciousness Discussion Forum

Thank you for your visit 🙂

You are welcome to check out my art and blog or to contact me here.

Contemporary Visionary and Geometric Artist
Contemporary Visionary and Geometric Artist

Note: All artworks that you see on this website are original and unique creations from the artist. For more info please contact the artist directly 

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