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  • Colorful abstract drawing with geometric shapes
    Geometric Abstract Drawings - Aqua Plant


 Singer Songwriter – Mystic and Geometric Artist.

A little bit about me:

Mystic Spirit, artist and singer by nature from Colombia.

I am an art and music lover and creator and these are my ways of expressing myself freely.

I love to express color, geometry and mysticism through my art.

I naturally get inspired to sing any music that combines rhythms similar to trance, house, rock, ballads, melodic metal, celtic music or any music that is deep and inspiring, either in English or Spanish.

I love to draw and paint and love to express myself through art. I specially enjoy making geometric abstract art. I make mystic and geometrical art with vibrant colors and abstract expressions.

You will find some of my art, music, insight and ideas here.

Thank you for your visit 🙂

You are welcome to check out my art and blog, to connect with me on social media or to contact me here.

Young Female Singer Songwriter - Contemporary Geometric Artist

Young Female Singer Songwriter – Contemporary Geometric Artist

Artist Pics

Note: All artworks that you see on this website are original and unique creations from the artist. For more info please contact the artist directly